3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Chew

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Chew

When deciding what chews are best suited for your dog, there are a number of things to consider. Here are the most important things to consider. 

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The Weight Of Your Dog

If you have an overweight dog feeding your dog a nutritionally appropriate chew should be top of your priority list. As most, if not all, natural chews are derived from animals, they tend to be protein rich and so naturally low in carbohydrates and sugars. That being said, they can be calorific. If your dog is overweight, cutting out treats and chews can certainly help him reach his weight loss goal however a better and more enjoyable option for him may be to reduce his evening meal intake or to offer him chews several times a week, instead of daily. Opt instead for leaner chews, or less high calorie and longer lasting chews, like Hoof, Horn or Antler. Beef Tendons are low fat and extremely popular with dieting dogs!


The age of your dog

Choosing appropriate chews for your dog is vital. Puppies need to chew a lot – to help sooth gums, allow adult teeth to work to the surface and to help loosen baby teeth. Puppys also grow a lot – so need higher calories than adults. Chews like Pizzles are perfect – they are not too hard nor too soft, they are calorie dense to help with a pup’s increased energy needs and they are stinky enough to be appealing. Elderly dogs may prefer softer chews, which as they lose muscle tone in their jaws and even lose teeth, they can suck.


The most common protein allergies are also the most popular flavours of chew. If your dog has allergies it is a good idea to try some novel protein types such as Ostrich, Kangaroo or fish products as a starting point. If you are trying to work out what your dog is allergic too, the most common allergens are Pork or Poultry. If you can’t obtain any more exotic meats, a good chew to try is Hoof, Yak Chew,  Horn or Antler.


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