The problem with BBDs....

Black Dog
Here is something that you may not be aware of - in rescue centres around the world, there is one type of dog who is frequently overlooked. He is not a certain breed, nor is he a certain personality.
He is simply, what is known as a BBD aka a Big Black Dog.

There are many reasons why these beautiful dogs are overlooked in rescue centres and instead their lighter coloured counterparts are selected. But why does ‘Black Dog Syndrome’ or ‘BDS’ exist?
Camera Shy
Black dogs are notoriously hard to photograph- beautiful dark sparkling eyes are harder to see against glossy black fur. Many people peruse websites with rescue dogs on and fall in love online prior to meeting a dog - without a great photo, dogs can be over looked.

People often feel that black dogs are dangerous - old stereotypes based on certain black breeds gaining notoriety in the 70’s and 80’s. Sadly, some people still believe in these stereotypes! Often, when dogs are used in films to be aggressive and intimidating big black dogs are chosen.

Doggy Friends
Sadly, the reluctance to bond with black dogs doesn’t isn’t just from some humans - many other dogs are wary of black dogs, especially big ones, and can try to avoid them in social situations. It’s extremely common for other dogs to have an ‘issue’ with black dogs.

We know hundreds of big, black, beautiful dogs who are some of the most loving pets we have ever met. So if you do ever rescue a dog from a shelter - please don’t fall victim to ‘BDS’- and adopt that dog!