Why dogs make the paw-fect work mates

Back when the world was normal (does anyone remember life before COVID?) we often spent more time with our work colleagues than we did our families. In this new normal the divide between work and home is more blurred than it’s ever been, and our furry companions have become our new work besties!

Here’s some of the reasons why here at Chewbox we think our dogs make the best work colleagues there are:

Dogs are experts in work – life boundaries

If working from home is new to you, it can be hard to find a routine. Even the hardiest home workers can find it tempting to ditch the daily routines on an off-day. If you’re even thinking about skipping that morning walk or staying in bed for an extra hour... You can count on your furry alarm clock having something to say about it! As well as keeping you into a work/life routine, it will help keep your dog settled too.

They’re always camera-ready.

It’s not really socially acceptable to snap a cute pic of a human work colleague without them knowing -  even worse posting it on Facebook without them knowing! On the other hand, when it’s your beautiful pooch snuggled under your desk, feel free to snap and post.

They’re always up for a tea break.

Need to get away from your desk for 5 mins? Your dog will always be up for a quick snack, maybe a quick ball game or even just a bit of  a fuss. As well as being great for you to get away from your screen for a short break, it’s also good to keep your dog mentally stimulated through the day to help avoid unwanted behaviours.

They make you focus when it counts.

Bit of a double negative this one… picture the scene: he’s just nodded off in that sunny patch by the door. You’ve got a deadline looming and need to get that document finished off ASAP. Are you willing to risk the peace and quiet to get up for that third custard cream? We’ve not found a better motivator to stay at your desk.

You’ll never lunch alone.

Used to grabbing lunch with your pals? It just isn’t the same via video call is it! Your canine companion will always be happy to lunch with you and be by your side – albeit hoping for some cast offs.

Dogs don’t read the news.

Brexit, COVID, Politics… it doesn’t matter what’s going on around us - you can always count on your dog to greet you with the same delighted eyes and wagging tail. You won’t need to pass any more commentary on current events, or share a morbid story in the staff room. Dogs' eternal optimism can help you remain grounded and keep a sense of wellbeing with the world.