5 reasons that dogs need to CHEW

1. Chewing is the equivalent of visiting the dentist and brushing their teeth! What dogs chew is important - too soft, and it won’t remove plaque and build up - and too fatty and sugary, it will actually contribute to dental disease (as well as other health issues!)

2. Our dogs are no longer catching and killing prey - but they still have the weaponry for it! By chewing, your dog can flex his primal muscles and engage in a hard wired activity which he will most likely love.

3. In puppies, Chewing helps loosen wobbly baby teeth and often helps alleviate the pain of adult teeth coming through. By having appropriate chews in the home, you can redirect your pup away from your furniture and on to his tasty chew!

4. Dogs often chew to relieve stress - for many canines, chewing is a calming and anxiety reducing activity. Dogs can naturally soothe themselves if they have the means. By having chews to hand, you dog has the option to calm himself down if he wants to.

5. Depending on the chew that you have chosen for your pup, you chew can be a great dietary supplement. Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Omega 3 and 6 - these are just some components of our natural chews which are extremely beneficial for your dogs bone and brain health and often not found in the dogs daily food.
So why not treat your pup, take a look at our Chewboxes here and get them chewing on something other than the furniture....
- Sarah x