Build your custom Chewbox


10 - 20 Weeks
Small, teething pups with delicate tummies.


Under 10kg
Eg. Chihuahua, Mini Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier


Under 25kg
Eg. Spaniel, Cockapoo, Beagle


Under 40kg
Eg. Labrador, Pointer, Alsatian


Over 40kg
Eg. St. Bernard, Great Dane, Bullmastiff

Regular Chewer

This box contains medium and hard, all natural, chews; like pork rolls, buffalo ears, tracheas, fish fingers and braided lamb.

Power Chewer

As well as the regular medium and hard chews, you'll find the all natural extra tough and long lasting chews like antlers, buffalo horn, beef shin, stuffed hoof, buffalo skin, lamb trotters and pig trotters.

Essential - £24.99

12+ Items
Up to 5 hours chew time. A paw-fect introduction to our world

Original - £29.99

15+ Items
Up to 10 hours chew time. All natural, all nutritious and all completely delicious.

Deluxe - £40.00

20+ Items. Free shipping
Up to 30 hours chew time. Our biggest and best value bundle. Multiple extra tough, long lasting chews included.

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