The Best Dog Chews Of All Time

The Best Dog Chews Of All Time

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 We all want bang for our buck – and when it comes to our dogs, we don’t spare any expense. Here are our tried and tested best dog chews of all time. 

  1. The Pizzle

At number one is the humble Pizzle or Bully Stick. This pure protein, carbohydrate and bone free snack is a favourite with puppies and elderly dogs alike. It’s semi hard texture is safe for puppies and will keep adults busy too. At around 90 calories per stick, these are more calorific than some other dog chews – but remember our 10% rule: dog chews and treats should account for 10% of your dog’s totally daily calorie intake. Stick to this, lower evening meal portions accordingly, and you will be fine. A fab bonus of the humble Pizzle is that as this softens in the dog’s mouth it really helps to remove trapped  bacteria, as well as scraping the teeth and gums of plaque – winner!

  1. Beef Tendons

With a string like texture – these don’t just clean dog’s teeth – they floss them too! Tendons are fully digestible and easy to chew because they soften completely. They are considered a safe chew as it is rare for a dog to be able to bite chunks off – they tend to stay in tact. Whilst Beef Tendons are the most popular variety, lamb and kangaroo are other popular varieties.

  1. Buffalo Horns

Unlike other very hard chews, Horns have a very low risk of splintering, so are recommended by many for puppies. They can be stuffed too – which adds to the experience for the dog. The horn itself is extremely high protein- and because it is hard to eat it will last a long time – making it a low calorie option. Horns come In a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to get the most size appropriate one for your dog and always remove the final pieces when your dog has nearly finished it.

  1. Antlers

Hands down, these are the longest lasting dog chews on the market.  Full of minerals,  Antler chews are popular and for good reason. For growing dogs or dog with bone or joint issues, these are bursting with chondroitin and as with Horns, as they are so hard to eat, they are low calorie also, so great for overweight dogs.  Smell free, stain free but thankfully not flavour free – these are a firm favourite. Always supervise your dog with an antler.

  1. Pork Rolls

This moist chew is a firm favourite with dogs and owners alike. Because these chews are not dehydrated, they don’t absorb water so they won’t expand in your dog’s stomach. Pork Rolls are extremely easy to digest – and simply smoked and loosely rolled. Not chemically treated or cooked in any way – these are natural and delicious!  For younger dogs or smaller dogs, try the Pigs in Blankets. Please note: these can be greasy and although they don’t smell, when mixed with saliva they can become very moist and floppy – lovely!

As always, if you want any guidance when choosing an appropriate chew for you, you can always call us on 0333 444 1237 or email