Unveiling the Top Choices for Aggressive Chewers: Bully Sticks aka Pizzle Sticks and Cow Ears

 A question we are often asked about is ‘What is the best chew for an aggressive chewer?’

Dog chew for an aggressive chewer

 When it comes to meeting the chewing demands of your dog, particularly if they are aggressive chewers, selecting the right chew is paramount. Not only does offering your dog an appropriate chew keep your dog engaged and entertained (and gives you some peace and quiet) but it also plays a vital role in promoting dental health and curbing that destructive chewing behaviour.

 Before delving into the best chews for aggressive chewers, it's crucial to understand why some dogs exhibit this behaviour. Aggressive chewing (full on destructive chewing) can stem from various factors, including teething, boredom, lack of exercise,  incorrect diet, stress or anxiety (chewing releases calming chemicals into the body) or simply a natural instinct to chew, which is stronger in some breeds more than others. Providing appropriate chews not only satisfies this instinct but also promotes good dental health (as tough chews will scrape away plaque and tartar) and provide mental stimulation (as longer lasting chews will keep your dog occupied.)

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top choices for aggressive chewers: shedding light on their benefits and suitability for your dog!

Understanding the Needs of Aggressive Chewers

 Aggressive chewers necessitate durable chews capable of enduring their robust jaws and chewing habits. These chews must also be safe (no bone or easily broken parts,) easily digestible and tough enough to keep your dog engaged forextended periods. Ideally they will be low carbohydrate, unrefined and not contain any chemicals or additives.

Below we have composed a list of our top 3 recommended chew treats for you dogs. Not all chews are created equal!


Bully Sticks aka Pizzle Sticks

Bully sticks stand out as a favourite among dog owners due to their durabilityand natural composition. Crafted from air dried bull or cow pizzle, these chewsboast a protein-rich profile and are free from artificial additives, making them a healthy choice. Their tough texture not only satiates the chewing urge but also contributes to dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar build up as they scrape on teeth. We have so many varieties including odourless, extra thick, extra long, extra small and standard! Bully sticks are also crowd pleasers – the likelihood is, your dog will like them and they wont cause an upset stomach. Win win!

Fact: Bully sticks are rich in protein and contain essential nutrients like amino acids, promoting overall health and well-being in dogs. Introducing novel and varied amino acids to your dog is vital in promoting good health.

 Cow Ears


Cow ears are another popular chew option for aggressive chewers, offering a combination of flavour and texture that dogs love. These natural treats are rich in protein and provide, generally, a long-lasting chewing experience, making them suitable for even the most determined chewers. We have extra tough, extra large ears, furry ears and smaller ears.


Cow ears are considered to be very safe too- they tend to go floppy and soggy (as oppose to being brittle and breaking off) and they contain no bone. They are also easy to store, low odour and can be stuffed with either the dog’s wet food, yoghurt, spread with some xylitol free peanut butter or whatever else you fancy! For extra bonus points-  stuff then freeze. Aggressive chewers will love this! 

 aggressive chewer beef skin

Beef Skin

 All of these chews are beef – and that isn’t a coincidence. Beef is a very popular with dogs and statistically dogs are unlikely to have an allergy to it (compared to grain, poultry, pork etc.) Where Beef Skin is great for aggressive chewers is that it doesn’t snap or break, can be a size to suit your dog and is considered family friendly, as it doesn’t look like an animal product, which children (and parents!) may be more comfortable with.

In addition, unlike stinky bully sticks, Beef Skin is low odour (many say no odour) and one of the cheaper chews to buy.

I hope these recommendations helps. My biggest suggestion is to ask for advice if you are at all unsure (our team are experienced and happy to help)  or to try a carefully curated, low cost mixed box of chews, like this one, designed to allow your dog to find his favourites and for you to find some piece of mind.



Remember the Chewbox golden rules:

Refresh - please always provide lots of fresh drinking water for your dog -chewing is thirsty work;

Reconnect  -never leave your dog unattended with a chew, keep him close;

Remove - when it gets to a small, potentially swallowable piece – bin it.